Elisabeth and Lily Jackson are the SistersJ. They have been perfecting their harmony since a very young age and play multiple instruments.

About us...


Elisabeth Jackson has a Bachelor's degree in Music with Honours. She is pursuing her postgraduate music studies and curated a captivating recital titled "10,000 Hours" showcasing her proficiency on the clarinet.


Lily's a talented artist, illustrating children's books and she created the "Open When" cover. She excelled as salutatorian at graduation, earning awards for her vocal solos. Lily is currently in her sophomore year of college immersing herself in animation and filmmaking. She also serves as an Anua Global Youth Ambassador.

Breathe In
(Official Music Video)

Sisters J releases their new pop single, Breathe In. It's about Breathing in and remembering who you are, relax and it will all be okay. We are intended to support each other and accept others just as they are.

BREATHE IN behind the scenes updated

A little updated video for behind the scenes of our new music video Breathe In.

Iconic Blue Bird Cafe

We got to sing at an open mic night at The Blue Bird Cafe with our soon to be released new song Breath In. Remember Breathe In and remember who you are and that you are loved.

Elisabeth & Lily Jackson Music and Arts

Sisters J talking at the Voices for Women Summit about the role of music and arts in their lives.

The impact music and arts has had on my life. Herstory Global Summit.

Elisabeth shares her story of what music and the arts have meant to her in her life.

HerStory Global Conference International Women's Day

Lily shares what music and arts has meant to her and done for her in her life.

Positive Talk Radio Presents Sisters J!

Positive Talk Radio is the long time dream and passion of Kevin McDonald, Host and master interviewer.

Clearly by SistersJ on B Live Media TV

The Conversation hosted by Bridgetti Lim Banda with SistersJ and their new song Clearly


"The only one I can compare the SistersJ to is Whitney Houston. They have the same work ethic. They are some of the hardest working singers I have ever met".
Ted "Theo" Perlman

Open When

Open When was arranged and produced by the legendary music producer Ted “Theo” Perlman and multi award-winning hit songwriter Thornton Cline.

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Open When

Lily Jackson has illustrated several childrens books. She designed and created the cover for Open When.

Performances ...


SistersJ have performed in countless productions since an early age and made appearances on local television and radio stations. In 2016 they performed live in front of 15,000 people in Tennessee, USA.

You Shine Through

Elisabeth and Lily released a praise and worship song, You Shine Through, in 2019. The song is available on iTunes and all streaming services.

Got Talent

Got Talent - Elisabeth and Lily were finalists in "Hendersonville's Got Talent" in 2016. They performed live in front of 15,000 people.

Press Release

Bridging Gap Between Diversity and Inclusivity Through Song.
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